Costs to Consider when Moving House

If you’re facing the task of moving house in India, you will already be aware of the pros and cons of a home relocation. There is the good side: a fresh start, a new lifestyle, interesting environment, and different friends. There is also the more difficult side of moving house: stress of the move, emotional adjustment, cost and if you’re moving overseas you need to consider the documentation and chores associated with closing down accounts in the country.

Sometimes, overlooking the cost of the move could create further hassles. The actual cost of moving house in India cannot be precisely calculated but it is important you obtain an estimate from a reputable and professional mover in India. Consider the following expenses when you are planning to move residences in India.

The type of move

Are you moving within an urban centre or are you heading to another state or union territory? Moving within the city limits will be less expensive than an interstate move. Distance does not affect the price of local moves and you do not have to pay additional taxes or rent storage facilities. However, moving to a faraway region is a different story.

Volume of household items

The more belongings you have in your house, the more manpower you need. This and the vehicle to be used in transporting your items can affect the cost of your move. It will cost about 2000-3500 Rupees (USD$30-$60) to rent a 14ft enclosed truck, so be astute when choosing only the furniture you need and selling, storing or donating the rest.

Vehicle Type

If you are transporting large wardrobes, dressers, a bulky bed with bedhead, piano or heavy washing machine, you may have to rent a different type of vehicle to ensure your belongings remain undamaged. The size and capacity of the vehicle may also affect your moving cost.

Packing and Unpacking

If you are packing yourself, you must have an idea of the basic packing needs or you might buy more than you need. Additionally, if you require the packing services of our moving company, check with our Allied Pickfords team in advance to ask about our packing and unpacking services. Some movers may add additional fees for these services.


If you are moving outside your city, consider the service taxes, toll, and octroi charges.

Storage and insurance

If you encounter any delays in your moving date but you’ve already vacated your premises, you may require secure storage facilities. It pays to ask your Indian mover about insurance cover to help reduce the risk of damage or loss for your precious possessions.

Moving schedule

Peak season, holidays and weekends tend to be more expensive, rather than if you were going to move on weekdays. Booking early with moving companies may also land you hefty discounts. Avoid booking your removalist at the last minute.

There is no exact formula for the cost of moving house. Add some wiggle room of 5% on top of your moving budget, just in case you need to pay more, particularly for tips or refreshments for your busy removalists on the day. Planning your move early also gives you more time to save your moving budget.

To help reduce the risk of damage and/or loss, be sure to pack properly and use sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, newspapers and crates. Or you can always ask for a no-obligation moving estimate with your local mover Allied Pickfords.