Moving Tips from The Best Apartment Movers in Mumbai.


If you’re moving to India’s largest city for work, you’ll have many items on your ‘to do’ list. You’ll also likely be aware that proper planning plays an important role in getting things in order, especially when it comes to an international relocation to Mumbai. Identifying your priorities can help you achieve an effective transition. Movers in Mumbai such as Allied Pickfords can help you by securing what is usually the most stressful part of the relocation process: shipping your belongings. Below are some tips from the best apartment movers in Mumbai to walk you through an efficient move.

Does the mover have state-of-the-art moving equipment?

It’s most likely taken you a lifetime to collect all your possessions, so even if you decide you’ll need to leave some behind you want the items you’re taking to be well taken care of. Your professional movers in Mumbai will do just that. Allied Pickfords’ utilises digital technology to itemise then pack all your furniture so that nothing is overlooked. You won’t have to worry about your delicate household items because we pack with double (or triple) walled boxes. We also have acid-free tissues, sturdy wooden crates and polystyrene chips to provide extra security.

Your Helping Hand

Labelled as the best apartment movers in Mumbai, Allied Pickfords will help reduce your anxiety so you can focus on the weightier elements. A personal move coordinator will be assigned to you to oversee the process and act as a point of contact. Shipping your furniture is more than just packing and unpacking as it relates to the security of your belongings. When packing, carry on your person any important or highly valuable items, such as jewellery, official documents and tech gadgets. Your international movers will secure the rest. You can also trace your belongings using Allied Pickfords GlobalCom, whereby you can track the status of the shipment 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you moving with your children? You can jumpstart by choosing the best school for your kids. Be sure to check the admissions policy of your preferred school early so you are prepared for any important documents you need to furnish for your kids.

Does the mover provide an excellent storage facility?

There is a reason as to why you need to ensure if your removalist provides an excellent storage facility. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. For example, your furniture may arrive before you do or you reach your new address only to find there isn’t enough space for all your household items. This is when it pays to employ an international mover that is able to provide you with a safe storage at your designated location. Your personal Allied Pickfords India move coordinator will assist you in your post-move planning should you require this service.

In addition, Allied Pickfords has numerous offices within India, which allows you to access your mover personally, whether you are planning to move to Mumbai, Gurugram or Bangalore. It takes a lot of experience and positive feedback to become the best. Out of all the apartment movers in Mumbai, Allied Pickfords has gained its reputation from more than 400 years of experience and impeccable customer service. Contact us to obtain a free quote and to discuss your moving requirements.


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