Relocating Internationally on your Own Dollar


Are you moving to, from or around India to look for work opportunities? Nowadays, India’s economy is thriving and the growing business centres of Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai offer visitors many opportunities for work. International graduates and foreign workers alike are beginning to crowd the cities of this colourful and diverse country in the hopes of hitting the job jackpot. Indian companies are starting to give priorities to immigrants, making it a career-potential destination. One of the challenges, however, is coping with relocating internationally on your own dollar.

Moving is potentially risky if there is a lack of planning. Knowing a little about India’s culture and the lifestyle you’ll be experiencing as an expat can be advantageous once you have decided to move.

Here are some guidelines for moving to India at your own expense.

  1. Job Opportunities

    You may notice that most expats in India are employed by large multinational companies, although recently, more Indian organisations are employing experienced expats for mid-level professionals. If you are skilled in telecommunications, IT, engineering, tourism, education, finance, automotive or agriculture, you should find it easier to land a decent job.

    You can search online for the latest job opportunities and if you’re persistent you may be able to secure work prior to moving. Once you arrive, the pressure increases to get a job so you can afford to stay.

  2. Accommodation

    Accommodation prices in India vary depending on the location. Be sure to look for houses that are accessible to local transportation, commercial establishments and healthcare services. The most efficient way is to hire professional movers like Allied. We can assign you to a personal move consultant who can help you with your moving needs.

    Relocate more easily by calling on the professional assistance of Allied, which can take care of all your relocating needs whether it is transporting your furniture, car or even your pets.

  3. Education

    If you are relocating to India with your family, check out the schools beforehand. If you have older children, research universities to see what their options are. Education in India is affordable and has quality standards. Secure your children’s education by familiarising yourself with the school’s admission policies. Keep in mind that the admission process may vary from one school to another.

  4. Leisure
    Even if you are relocating on your own dollar, finding a way to make the most out of your stay in India can still be fun without breaking the bank. There are a lot of cheap restaurants, bars and clubs in the urban areas of each city. And because India has a wide range of diverse traditions and culture, you will never run out of events, festivals and sightseeing destinations to visit.

The key to an efficient and stress-free international move, apart from proper planning, is having someone to help you during your move. We, at Allied, are ready to answer all of your relocation queries. Our experienced consultants will help you achieve a smoother transition. Want to know more about relocating? Contact us to obtain a free estimate of how much it will cost to move your possessions to, from or around India.


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