The Difference Between Moving & Relocation Services


There are many factors contributing to the reasons behind why an individual or a family decide to move house. Some prefer to retire in another city or country, others like to be closer to their relatives as life situations change, while for most young Indian corporates, they do it for professional growth or a change of jobs. When you require moving or relocation services, it pays to call the professionals at Allied Pickfords India.

The process of leaving your current address and settling in a new place is known as “moving”. It involves transporting your belongings to your new home, as well as undertaking appropriate bureaucratic tasks. “Relocating” technically means the same thing, although they could be different in slight ways.

The term relocation is usually used more formally, especially if you are looking to move a considerable distance. In this case, an international relocation involves moving to another country. It is generally acceptable to use the term “moving” when you are transferring to a new location in your neighbourhood, city or to another state within India.

Moving and Relocation Services

There are many movers in India. The professional removalists at Allied Pickfords offer many moving services to ensure the safe transfer of your belongings to your new residence. Our movers provide packing and unpacking services for an added fee. In some cases, they could help you disassemble and assemble your furniture. Nonetheless, not all removalists provide the same services so whatever your needs, please feel free to ask one of our experienced Allied Pickfords moving consultants.

When moving internationally on the other hand, relocation services provide the same moving services, plus more. These include visa assistance, help to find a new residence and schools for your children and the processing of official procedures. A company that requires an employee to move overseas for work involves an international relocation. This is also known as workforce relocation and could be done by the company HR or employee relocation services, such as our sister organisation, SIRVA Relocation.

Relocation services are also offered to businesses that need to move offices. A company may decide it is beneficial to move to a thriving commercial district or perhaps it’s cheaper to operate in rural areas, so they would seek the assistance of an experienced relocation services agent, such as Allied Pickfords. This will help the business and employees move swiftly to the new office to help reduce downtime.

At the end of the day, whether you are “moving” or “relocating”, planning early and seeking the help of professional movers is the best way to achieve a seamless and hassle-free move. Allied Pickfords is renowned internationally for helping companies and individuals with their moving needs. Find the nearest Allied Pickfords office in your area via our website and request a free quote.