Top 5 Moving and Packing Tips

Taping box

Moving in India is a great way to enjoy a change of pace or scenery. Once you have planned your move it is best to start packing your belongings as early as possible. Moving and packing in India can be simplified if it is done wisely and methodically. Get your boxes, bubble wraps, packing tapes, and old newspapers ready and follow the top 5 moving and packing tips from the team at Allied Pickfords.


Top 5 Moving and Packing Tips


Usually, you keep things in the house you don’t need, which can pile up and consume unnecessary space so moving is the best time to segregate. Before stuffing your boxes, make sure to choose only those that are important. Create a list of the things you are leaving behind. You can either sell your belongings or donate them to charitable organisations. Do you really need that old table? If you bring your favourite armchairs, where are you going to put them in your new house?


Pack Early and in Categories

There is likely to be bed linen, clothes, blankets, etc, inside your dresser that you are not going to use within the next few days. Start packing these and do it little by little. Label or colour-code your boxes so you know what is inside. Try not to mix items from different rooms. Assign a box for each room in your house. One for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

After emptying your containers, you can wipe them clean and stack them on top of one another. Fit your silverware in containers where you can wrap fragile items with old newspaper or magazine pages. Secure the sides of your boxes with masking tape. Roads in India can be bumpy and the last thing you want is your valuables reaching your new home in pieces. Allied Pickfords removals offers insurance against damages or loss, so it pays to go with an experienced Indian mover for your precious belongings.


Separate your Jewellery, Important Documents, & Prepare a First Aid Bag

Make sure your original documents and expensive jewellery are within reach. Put them in a handbag or backpack, which you can access anytime. Prepare an overnight bag and add medicine, extra clothes, towels and essentials. Stuff it with snacks for the kids when the moving day comes.


Pack Heavy Items in Smaller Boxes

Packing heavy items, such as books, in smaller boxes to make handling easier. Make the base of the box sturdy by wrapping it with packing tape/duct tape. Also, avoid overloading it.


Take Photos Before Dismantling

If you have any doubts you will be able to put back the leads, cords and connections on your electronics or assemble your bookcases or beds properly, take a picture of the connections before dismantling.


You do not have to wait a week before the moving day to start organising your things. Stick with your timeline and get in touch with a local Indian moving team at Allied Pickfords and you’ll receive your very own moving consultant. Contact Allied Pickfords as early as possible for a free estimate and additional moving and packing tips from our reliable moving consultants, so you do not have to worry at the last minute.