Top 5 Tips When Moving from Chennai to Bangalore


If you are looking for a more diversified community in India, moving from Chennai to Bangalore (or Bengaluru, as it’s known locally) would suit more multicultural tastes. Chennai is known as one of the major cities in India and is filled with incredible cultural sights, temples and architecture, although it might be a less liveable city for expats because there is more of a language barrier. Bangalore, on the other hand, has more English speakers and is more urbanised, with plenty of nightlife, dining and shopping. 

Top 5 Tips to Know When Moving from Chennai to Bangalore

1. Find the right accommodation 

If you are used to the low cost of living in Chennai, it’s good to know that prices in Bangalore are more inflated. The cost of accommodation is about 26.10% higher in Bangalore and most landlords ask for the whole year to be paid in advance. If you are moving as a family, a 3-bedroom apartment that costs about 17,000 Rupees (USD$240) in Chennai will be about 23,000 Rupees (USD$325) in Bangalore (outside the city proper). One tip before signing a rental agreement, make sure your landlord provides you with a copy of his PAN (Permanent Account Number) and signed rent receipts as these are necessary for claiming your tax benefits. 

If you are looking to live in a more upper-class area, consider moving to Indiranagar. It is near leisure spots and commercial areas. For a residential neighbourhood, Koramangala, Jayanagar and Banashankari are some of the best places to reside. As always, accommodation charges are cheaper when it is outside the CBD. Evaluate the distance of your workplace to your house and check whether it would be better to rent outside the city. 

2. Food and groceries 

Restaurant prices are approximately 23.50% higher than Chennai while groceries are at about 4.40%. However, due to Bangalore having a wide variety of cultures occupying the city you’ll find a wide selection of cuisines, which may be more appealing to expats even if it is more expensive than in Chennai. The diverse culture offers more choices of food, so there is a lot of cheap food and street food scattered around the city for you to indulge your tastes.  

3. Transportation 

Is it better to have a car in Bangalore? Roads in Bangalore are narrower compared to Chennai. If you are here with your family, having your own car to move around the city is more convenient. However, if you are moving solo, it is easier to travel by bike or a carpooling app, since traffic is one of Bangalore’s main issues. Transportation charges are higher too, but the quality of the public transportation is significantly better. 

4. Job opportunities 

Bangalore is a great hub for people in search of improved job opportunities, especially if you are working as an IT professional. You can find multiple roles at Naukri, Indeed and other major job sites. Upload your resume/CV online while you’re still living in Chennai so employers can see your application before you begin your moving process. 

5. Education and healthcare

Bangalore also houses many esteemed schools and universities. To ensure a smooth school transfer, make sure you communicate with the school as early as possible so you know which documents you will need to provide for your child to be accepted into the correct grade. 

Bangalore has world-class medical care and hospitals but it doesn’t come cheap. Like any other city (or country) it is best to obtain insurance for you and your family. Keep a steady supply of first-aid essentials and research the nearest hospital/healthcare centres. 

There are many factors to consider when moving from Chennai to Bangalore in India. For expats, it is necessary you communicate well with the locals to help you with the whatnots of the city. It is also essential you have your moving checklist, which the team at Allied Pickfords has compiled for your convenience when moving in India. We all know that India is a great location for arts and culture and living in this vibrant country is definitely worth the experience.
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