Top Expat Associations in India

Relocating to another neighbourhood, let alone another country, is tough. While moving to India from another nation can be physically exhausting, leaving your family and friends is emotionally challenging as well. Many expats who move overseas will find refuge in local social and sporting groups. If you’re fresh off the plane, there are plenty of expat associations in India, which you can join to help ease your yearning for home.

Every major city in India has an expat club for foreigners looking to make new friends or simply to socialise with and discuss knowledge and interests you have in common.

The team at expert international movers Allied Pickfords has compiled their list of top expat associations in India for you to choose from.


Kolkata International Women's Club

Founded in 2002, KIWC is a non-profit association made up of diverse individuals living in Kolkata. Members help charitable institutions throughout India via fundraising projects and organised social events, such as race days, cultural events and gala balls. You can join the organisiation as a volunteer by sending an email to


Overseas Women of Chennai Club

For more than 40 years, OWC has been helping expats to settle smoothly in Chennai by giving their support and advices to newbies in India. They organize activities, family events, and coffee meetings for their members so they can chit-chat over helpful ideas. They also support charitable organizations. You can join them if you or your husband holds a foreign passport. As long as you or your husband holds a foreign passport, you can pay the INR 2500 (GBP 28) to join by emailing


Bangalore Expat Club

BEC brings foreigners and locals together to enjoy fun-filled social gatherings. Aimed at a younger crowd of party-goers, there are plenty of social nights organised by BEC out with your new friends from all around the world. The oldest social club in Bangalore and probably the most prolific, with social nights every week, you’ll find it easy to make friends, as long as you wear a smile on your face. Create a profile on the organisation’s website to start expanding your social network.


Hyderabad Expats

This organisation is made solely for expats living in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India and currently has more than 1100 Facebook members.

 Internations also has a presence in Hyderabad if you’re looking for more social connections or perhaps an older demographic.


Mumbai Expat Club

Founded by Celeste Tones Entertainment, Mumbai Expat Club is based around a dining and socialising itinerary, with art exhibitions and Champagne brunches held at the club in India’s largest city. International members also take part in events outside the club, such as cultural festivals and parades.

Mumbai Connexions is another expat association in India gathering together expatriates living in Mumbai. The group’s social events are bolstered by charitable activities as the organisation values giving back to society. The membership fee is INR 1500 Rupees (GBP 17) and a INR 1000 (GBP 11) yearly renewal. Send an email to for more information on how to join.

New Delhi

The Delhi Network

If you’ve moved to India and you’re feeling homesick living in New Delhi, you can definitely rely on The Delhi Network as a support group. The organisation holds regular meetings at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bhikaji Cama. The group organises market visits, spa days, yoga, coffee meetings and many more activities to help you assimilate in your adopted country. Become a member by presenting your foreign passport and pay INR 1000 per year.

There are many other expat associations in India where you can connect with other foreigners – who may not be so foreign to you, after all – to help make your stay in India a more comfortable and colourful experience. Internations India offers meet-up events, whereby you can meet new acquaintances over a drink.

If you’re moving to India, speak to the professionals at Allied Pickfords to ensure your international move is successful.


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