What to Organise When Moving From India to Germany


Moving from India to Germany will be a life-changing experience, whereby you say goodbye to the languid climate of southern Asia and say hello to one of Western Europe’s leading cultural centres. Moving house is a big enough deal without factoring in an international relocation across continents. Therefore, adapting to your new European environment is likely to take an emotional toll on both you and your family. The best way to cope with culture shock and adjusting to your new residence is to be prepared for the transition.

If you’re moving for a better lifestyle, greater work opportunities or to join your family members who have already made the move from India to Germany, you will find yourself outside your comfort zone. Planning as early as possible, so you can create a checklist and tick off as many tasks as possible, will help you achieve a smoother relocation.

What to Organise When Moving Internationally

If you are moving from India to Germany, there are a huge amount of items you will need to attend to. The professional movers at Allied Pickfords have compiled a list to help you move smoothly to your new home.


Germany allows citizens of many countries to enter the country visa-free a period of 90 days within 6 months. You will not be permitted to work in the country under the visa-free period, however, you can engage with businesses to determine your opportunities to work once your papers are in order. 

There are 12 types of visas available in Germany, and you’ll find the information you need on the different types of visa you can apply for at Germany Visa. Germany has a strict rule for completing all the requirements needed to acquire a valid visa, so be sure to have all these requirements ready to go.

1. You’ll need to fill out a German Visa Application form.

2. Valid passport. Note that your passport should hold at least 3 months’ validity for successful entry. 

3. Recent Portrait Photo. Photos should be taken within the past 3 months, with a plain grey background. The image needs to be 35mmx45mm, with your head comprising 70-80% of the photograph. Your eyes should be looking straight at the camera and with a neutral expression – so no smiling! Prepare at least 2 identical photos.

4. Traveller’s Health Insurance. You should be able to provide your travel health insurance policy to cover sickness, accidents and repatriation in case of death. You’ll require a minimum cover of 30,000 Euros.

5. A recent bank statement. You’ll need to provide proof that you can finance yourself for the duration of your stay. The minimum requirement is at least 45 Euros a day while you’re in Germany. If this cannot be provided, applicants should have a declaration of a third person who can finance the travel.

Note that there may be other documentary requirements needed, depending on the applied visa and current country of residence.


Are you travelling to Germany for work? Is your company relocating you or are you an individual? Germany boasts a healthy economy but expats often find it difficult to land a job without an introduction from a local. The language barrier can be one of the main reasons. Learn German as fast as you can in order to communicate easily and impress any potential employers.

It’s advisable to apply early. Send your CV to prospective companies 1 month before you arrive. Keep in mind that German employers will often prioritise their citizens over a foreigner, so the competition will be tough.

Accommodation and Moving Your Furniture

There are many websites that can help you look for an apartment when you move to Germany from India. Rent in Germany is expensive compared to India. Research early on where you’d like to stay once you arrive. Additionally, be sure you have the following documents with you when you inspect any accommodation:

1. Copies of your ID/Passport 

2. Pay slips for the past 3 months

3. Guarantor – just in case your budget is a little too low but you desperately need a place to stay.

If you are planning to relocate your furniture, the best way to do it is through a professional mover, such as Allied Pickfords. Our teams have plenty of experience moving furniture from India to Germany.


If you are moving with your family, be sure you have all your children’s educational credentials with you. If you’re missing even a single document you’ll have to have it sent from India, which can take time. 

Check the nearest schools and universities in your preferred area in Germany and check the websites for the necessary requirements of the ones you’d like to apply to. 

Contact Your Moving Team

The stress of moving from India to Germany can be minimised if you organise your essential requirements early. A reliable and experienced moving company like Allied Pickfords can provide a step-by-step guide to help smooth your international relocation. We will ensure your personal moving consultant will be with you throughout the entire move and you can continue to contact us after you arrive if you have any queries. Contact our moving teams via our website for more information.